One last look at the peaceful sky

Big pandemic Collection

One last look at the peaceful sky

Ukraine. One last look at the peaceful sky. (Collection «Big pandemic»)

Illustration of events March 2020 — January 2022.

This topic is particularly close to my heart, as I myself live in Kyiv. Many people in Ukraine have fought the Coronavirus not only with medicines, social distancing and self-isolation, but they have also used folk remedies, which are depicted in this picture.

After 24 February it is all a thing of the past…

The work began hours before the missiles were fired on my homeland. This is the moment in which I captured the view of the peaceful sky outside my window of my home in Kiev. The moment when the «Rocket» means a food delivery service. The moment when the winter lazy sun shines in the peaceful sky through the threatening February clouds, when everybody lives in plenty, and where the main enemies of viruses on the tables of ordinary Ukrainians are tasty, but maybe not so healthy, foods.

So far this is the last painting in the series. Working on this collection has been interrupted because of the war which broke out in Ukraine…

I am planning to paint at least 5 more pictures for the collection with the hope that I will be able to accomplish my plans.

TITLE: Ukraine. One last look at the peaceful sky
COLLECTION: Big pandemic
YEAR: 2022
ARTWORK TYPE: Original Art/One of a kind
DIMENSIONS: 40х50 cm
RELATED THEMES: Still life art