Big pandemic

In the history of civilisations, states and social communities, there have always been people who have made history, there have always been those who have taken part in it, voluntarily or involuntarily, but there have always been people who have recorded historical events and processes. And this recording did not happen only by keeping manuscripts and historical chronicles. A great number of historical events that took place in the past have been preserved through artworks that have survived to this day. They can often tell us much more than the tedious historical chronicles because they convey the feelings of the author and the people depicted on the canvas, fresco or stone. In my collection of paintings dedicated to the main theme of 2020-2021, the coronavirus, I decided to capture the most iconic features of this time around the world, the public reaction to this event, of course through the prism of my feelings and impressions of this period of my life. This collection consists of five paintings so far: