Ukrainian motanka dolls

Traditional Ukrainian motanka dolls.
Their making is one of the oldest Slavic traditions. Motanka is a symbol of goodness and prosperity, a symbol of hope for the best and often a strong sacred object.
The name of the doll itself — «motanka» comes from the concept of «motate»- to wind, and the general appearance of such a doll is a human figure, usually female or child, made of pieces of cloth and thread. The body parts of such a doll were connected by knots. Each doll was and still is a unique work of a master.
A real motanka is made without the use of stitches. When making a doll, masters wind or wrap it with cloth and threads, and for fastening they use ribbons and threads, which they simply wrap around the parts and fix them with knots. The main rule is that the doll should have a cross-shaped form.
The doll’s head is formed from a small piece of cloth, inside of which a ball of thread, other scraps or cotton wool is put. This head piece is wrapped crosswise with threads, symbolically representing the face of the doll. Torso and head are also connected with threads, tightly wrapping them around the body of the doll from the head down and perpendicular to the torso, thereby forming the hands motanki. Clothes, jewellery and headdresses or hairstyles are made from improvised materials. Here the variations are limited only by the imagination of the authors.
In any case, however, the motanka still retained certain sacred knowledge and power. Such a souvenir, especially made with your own hands, can become a family amulet and a full-fledged family heritage, which has absorbed centuries-old knowledge and beliefs.

These motankas were made by my daughter, Olga Kovalskaya, 13 years old.

Ukrainian motanka dolls
YEAR: 2024
ARTWORK TYPE: Original Art/One of a kind
Dimensions: 145х115х20cm; 160х22020cm; 120х115х20cm
Material: Yarn
TECHNIQUES: Traditional Ukrainian motanka dolls