Метка: <span>Agapetus of Pechersk</span>

Religious art

Agapetus of the Kiev Caves (Agapetus of Pechersk)

Agapetus of Pechersk (Bezmezdnik) XI century — the monk of the Kievo-Pechersky monastery, doctor bezmezdny (Unmercenary Physician). He is venerated in the holy Russian Orthodox Church as a saint.
Agapetus is considered to be the first healer (physician) of Kievan Rus, glorified by his gratuitous help to ill people. He gained great fame by healing patients through prayer and bylai, a special herb which he used to prepare and give to the sick. According to his hagiography he healed the Chernigov grand prince Vladimir Monomakh. His relics are stored in the Near Caves of Kiev Pechersk Lavra.
The painting depicts Agapetus of Pechersk, Vladimir Monomakh and a practicing Armenian physician who was jealous of Agapetus. Having seen Agapetus heal many patients through prayer, he converted to Orthodoxy and accepted monasticism.
The picture was painted for the opening of the church of Saint Agapetus of Pechersk in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

TITLE: Agapetus of the Kiev Caves (Agapetus of Pechersk)
YEAR: 2021
ARTWORK TYPE: Original Art/One of a kind
DIMENSIONS: 60х40 cm
TECHNIQUES: Acrylic, Dutch gold, Rhinestones
RELATED THEMES: Religious art, Christian art
FRAMING: Yes (Wood 67×47 sm)